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  1. Norma Parker Wilson

    Wondering who is creating this story and details in it. Nellie Morris was my grandmother, and I was taken by the recent info from Taylor County Historical Museum about the quilt block pieces from 1934 being returned and donated there. The info I see here seems to be a fictional account, though. I was wondering, however, whether the friendship quilt aspect for Doris (my aunt) is factual from records and clues found with the quilt blocks. I have photos of Nellie and Doris in their later years. Nellie lived with my mother, Vivian, Doris’ half sister, from the early ’60s till her death in 1977.

  2. Hi Norma!
    How exciting to see that you’re Nellie’s granddaughter!!
    Yes, there is both fact and fiction here.
    I bought this set of 30 quilt squares in a yard sale in Palm Springs California about 2005-2006. Most of the squares had names stitched on them, but it took me several years to track a connection between them. About four years ago I discovered the common ground of Athelstan, Iowa. When I found where they originated, I started talking to the museum in Bedford about returning the squares there.
    In the meantime, a writers group I write with was having weekly prompts that we would write to. So for several weeks, I started a story about Nellie & Doris as a ‘what COULD have happened’ tale. Of course, since then, I’ve also discovered more information and the story would need to be changed up a little to make it more accurate.
    I just got back from taking the squares to the museum last month.
    Here’s my September newsletter that tells a little more about it.
    After I started the story a while back, I did find where Doris had an older half sister from Nellie’s first marriage. When I went to Athelstan for the afternoon, with three of the ladies from town (all descendants from other women from the squares) one mentioned that after Melvin & Georgia Older were the postmasters, Vivian was the next postmaster.
    I would love to see a picture of Nellie & Doris. I don’t know if you can add a picture to this post. My email is texastrishafaye@yahoo.com
    I’m Pat Nance, but I write as Trisha Faye.
    Thanks so much for stopping and writing here!

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