Quilts that tell Stories

CC_quilt storyQuilts tell stories. Some more than others. As I dig deeper into the lives of the girls and women that created the quilt squares in Athelstan, Iowa in 1934, I feel  a greater sense of who these women are – just because of the small tracks through time that they left via these small pieces of fabric embellished muslin.

I discovered this Wonderopolis site that shares ‘How Do Quilts Tell Stories.’
Stop by and take a peek at their thoughts about it.



  1. Dodson, Shirley D

    My mother was Kate Kemery and my sister was Norma Gene Kemery. You showed pictures of their quilt blocks earlier.

    As a piece of information on Athlestan – My grandfather, Alonzo Kemery, owned and operated a Black Smith Shop in Athlestan. He was listed in the “Believe it or not” for having a collection of bulldurm tobacco sacks hung on a log chain just inside the front door of the metal blacksmith shop. Residences would tie their empty tobacco sacks, and if my grandfather found one on the street, he would bring it to the shop to tie it on the chain.

    Also, my grandmother, Mary Tackett Kemery worked at the Garland hotel in Bedford, she had lots of stories to tell.

    The Rodeo you mentioned was founded by the Tackett family.

    Shirley Kemery Dodson
    9200 Northern
    Kansas City, MO 64138

    • How fascinating!!! It’s so nice to meet you here Shirley Kemery Dodson!!
      I have become so attached to these pieces from the past. I almost feel like I know some of you. In August when I took the squares to the museum, I got to meet so many descendants from these squares that are now friends.
      I have to tell you that your mom’s square, Katie Kemery, is one of my favorites. Her pretty pink bonnet and pink flowered dress is accented with the neat, precise accent stitches. She did a beautiful job on her square.
      Thank you SOOOOO MUCH for sharing more tidbits here that I did not know.
      Athelson people have a special place in my heart!!

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