Athelstan Women Helping Each Other – August 1934

Bedford Times Press,

August 23, 1934

BTP_082334Many of the women and girls that have quilt blocks at the Taylor County Historical Museum were mentioned in the Bedford Times Press on August 23, 1934. (Their names bolded)


Mrs. Fred Fidler Receives Many Gifts from Friends

Mrs. Fred Fidler was honor guest at a miscellaneous shower Saturday at her home.

Those present were Mrs. Eliza Bownes, Mrs. Flora Godsey, Mrs. Nelly Morris and children, Mrs. Georgia Older and granddaughter Jolene Raper, Mrs. Ralph Scott and son Ross, Mrs. Roy Kemery and daughter Norma Jean, Mrs. Nora Barnes, Mrs. Ansel Lyons, Mrs. S.W. Madison, Mrs. Angie Freemyer, Mrs. Eva Burns and children, Mrs. Jenny Rusco, Mrs. Nosh Parker, Verna Jenkins and Mrs. Katherine Barber.

The paper later reports:

F.S. Fidler and family have moved into the J. F. Chapman property since the loss of their home by fire recently.

I was excited to see this a few paragraphs later. Grace Murray has a quilt block in this set, but I have never been able to locate anything on her.

Mrs. Grace Murray is spending a few weeks at the home of Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Fidler, helping care for Mrs. Fidler, who is ill.

Later, in the same article, it mentions:

Mr. and Mrs. Volley Carroll and family spent last week-end at the home of their daughter, Mr. and Mrs. L.H. Schilling in St. Joseph. Their daughter, little Miss Jean Marin, who was visiting her sister, returned home with them. Mrs. Grace Murray and son Forest stayed with Grandma Carroll during their absence.

Another surprise mention stated:

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Kemery and daughter Norma Jean, Mrs. Herman Smith, and Bert Brumfield attended the rodeo at Sidney Thursday.

What fun it was to find these little snippets, telling the tale of the everyday lives of these Athelstan families that I’ve come to love. My world becomes larger as my heart expands to embrace these people from so long ago.


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