Sneak Peek Sunday: Sunbonnet Sue’s for Doris, Part 3


The rules are simple. Six paragraphs and six paragraphs only; of any published work or WIP. No more. No less.

Sunbonnet Sue’s for Doris is a picture book WIP about a set of 1934 quilt squares from Athelstan, Iowa. This is

only the second go round of revisions, so it may change a little as I work with the manuscript.

Here’s Part 3, come back next week for the next six paragraphs. Be sure to check out the other wonderful authors participating in Sneak-Peek Sunday.

*****************************************************************************************************GAK_Betty Balch

Doris’ mother talked to Doris’ friends,
She caught them one by one.
She asked them here, She asked them there,
Until her list was done.

The girls were so excited.
They all jumped up and down.
Everyone wanted to be a part,
As news traveled ‘round the town.

Betty Balch was first to join
‘I’ll make a pretty one for me.
And brother John’s too,’ she added
‘For he can’t sew, you see.’

The Booher’s were next, Darlene and Leona,
To want to make a square.
We have a new machine to try,
We’ll sew on it; it’s only fair.

Katie Fidler and Lelah Clark,
The planned their little squares.
Jean Marie Carrol and Grace Murray too,
They stitched away with care. 

‘Ours is next,’ Katie Kemery said,
‘Mine and Norma Gean’s.
We want to be a part of this,
Doris’ Christmas gift is so keen.’



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