Sunbonnet Sue’s for Doris: Part 2


qs_georgia olderThe rules are simple. Six paragraphs and six paragraphs only; of any published work or WIP. No more. No less.

Sunbonnet Sue’s for Doris is a picture book WIP about a set of 1934 quilt squares from Athelstan, Iowa. This is only the second go round of revisions, so it may change a little as I work with the manuscript.

Here’s Part 2, come back next week for the next six paragraphs. Be sure to check out the other wonderful authors participating in Sneak-Peek Sunday.


It needs to be special
Said Doris’ mama loud.
I love that little girl so much
Of her, I’m very proud.

The ladies talked and wondered,
They thought, they stitched, they sewed.
‘I have an idea’ one of them squealed,
‘A friendship quilt; memories it will hold.

‘I’ll make a square for me,
And one for Mother too,’
Said Georgia Older, the postmaster’s wife
‘It’s something I’d love to do. 

DSC00224‘Me too, me too,’ said Eva Marie Bryns,
‘I’ll make one for my little girl.
Leona can’t sew, she’s 18 months old,
I’ll add her age and sign it with a swirl.’

The ladies clapped, they smiled, they talked
‘A great idea’ they called in unison.
‘Let’s make them all the same,’ they said,
And plotted till they were done. 

A boy, a girl, they thought was best:
Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Bill.
A popular pattern, it was the rage,
A simple quilt with nary a frill.



  1. When I was a kid playing in my mother’s closet, I found a sunbonnet quilt tucked away in the bottom of a box. It wasn’t finished, wasn’t even big enough to be a baby blanket. I always meant to ask my mother about it but never did. Reading this poem put me right back in that closet. Wonderful.

    • Don’t you hate those questions that never get asked and those conversations we wish we would have had?
      Glad I could bring back some fond memories for you.

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