‘Y’ is for YARD SALE

yard saleYard sale; one was the source of my magnificent find.

Frequent news stories report how treasures worth thousands and millions of dollars are discovered in yard sales and second hand stores. Finds at these venues don’t need to be valued that highly to be a treasure.

These thirty small pieces of muslin, appliquéd with vintage cotton and embroidered with the names of people long past are not in the ‘million-dollar-find’ category. But a ‘find’ it was and I’m still excited about it, many years later.

To the women and young children of Athelstan that left your mark stitched on muslin, I’ll do my best to honor your memories and your lives.

And yes, I’m still a frequent shopper at yard sales and thrift stores.



  1. My beautiful crazy quilt came from a thrift store. I am guessing it’s from the 30’s, maybe earlier. It was $8.00 but marked down to $5.00. I couldn’t wait to get out of the store before they realized what they had. It may have been my find of a lifetime.

    • I’m JEALOUS!! What a fabulous find; and for such a terrific price (I mean STEAL lol)

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