‘X’ is for eXcited

xI admit it; I’m stretching on the ‘X’ post for the A to Z blog challenge. But I AM excited, about many things.

  • I’m eXcited that I fortuitously found these squares at the yard sale.
  • I’m eXcited that the A to Z blog challenge gives us this chance to persist with our blogs and grow as writers.
  • I’m eXcited that I have this opportunity to share this treasured set of quilt squares with others.
  • I’m eXcited that I got in touch with the TaylorCountyHistoricalMuseum where the quilt squares will go when I get a chance to get to Iowa. I’d rather see them somewhere where their history can stay intact, instead of having them in another yard sale some day.
  • I’m eXcited that I’ve been able to discover as much information about some of these people that I’ve been able to find.
  • I’m eXcited that these women and girls sat down for a few afternoons or evening in 1934 to leave this legacy for the future.
  • I’m eXcited that this trace of Athelstan, Iowa exists, despite time marching on.

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