‘O’ is for Organizations

iowagenwebOrganizations provide a wealth of information for those of us on the research trail. Many organizations have been helpful in my quest to discovering the women behind this set of 1934 friendship quilt squares from Athelstan, Iowa.

Some organizations are groups consisting of people that gather for regular meetings. Others are online resources; a world of a virtual community.

Community Organizations: Many local communities have historic societies or regional museums highlighting the history of the area. The Taylor County Historical Museum and the Taylor County Genealogical Society are two community organizations related to these Iowa quilt squares.

Genealogical Organizations: Many organizations provide copious sources for tracing genealogy lines. One of the largest and most well known sites is Ancestry.com. The site that’s provided the most pertinent information for me so far is IowaGenWebProject (www.iagenweb.org). Other state sites are accessible from the USGenWebProject site (http://www.usgenweb.org/)

Cemetery Organizations: Two cemetery web sites are terrific resources, both for research on these quilt squares and for other research I’ve been working on in Texas. Find A Grave (www.findagrave.com) has been an invaluable tool for many projects I’m involved with. Iowa Gravestones (www.iowagravestones.org) is another site I haven’t been able to live without.

Item Specific Organizations: There are a huge variety of organizations specific to almost every conceivable item, cause, or area of interest. Groups exist for different collectables: comic books, Depression glass, old buttons, antique coins, beer steins, and of course, in my case … quilts. There are usually national and local organizations for any interest you may have. With today’s internet savvy society and the proliferation of Facebook pages for business, groups and clubs, most groups are accessible with a few keyboard clicks and a little Google searching.


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