Internet: Bridging the Past and the Present

internet screenWhat does the Internet have to do with a set of 1934 quilt squares? When these quilt squares were created in 1934 thee was no Internet, no one knew what a world wide web was. No cell phones either. IF the family had a telephone, it was a party line phone with the big box on the wall.

The internet is responsible for finding the common links between these squares. … hours and hours and hours, HUNDRED of hours later!

When I fortuitously discovered this set of quilt blocks at the yard sale I knew that the names had to be connected in some way. I knew that at this one particular point in time in 1934, the paths of these thirty people crossed.

I made a list of all the names on the squares. I sat down at the computer and started putting in names. Nothing. More names. Nothing. Combinations of names … not a thing. (This was around 2005 or 2006)

I sat the list aside and continued on with life. My boys moved out. One entered the Air Force. I moved to Arizona. I moved to Texas. The quilt squares sat tucked safely away in a chest with my other vintage quilts. Then one day I was sorting through a box of papers and ran across my original list of names and notes about the quilt squares. (2009?) I sat down at the computer and decided to try one more time. I entered a few names from the list and …. BINGO! An immediate hit. Within a few minutes I had a link to the 1925 Athelstan census. Several of the names were listed on this census; Darlene Booher (age 1), Leona Booher (age 2), Katie Fidler (38 years), Georgia Older (39 years), Delilah Rusco (age 2), and Berneice Scott (age 1).

Over the past three years I’ve logged hundreds and hundreds of hours searching the internet. I’ve linked most of the names and discovered more information about the people behind the quilt squares. I keep finding new links in the virtual world that weren’t there when I first started looking for information. Unfortunately, some of it was gleaned from obituaries the past few years as the once-youngsters aged and died.

This year I was at a stand still with my search for more information about Doris. I appealed to my genealogist savvy cousin, Kathy. She has access to several ancestry sites that I’m not a member of and before I knew it, she’d sent me back additional data and confirmations that I’d been searching for. (Thank you Kathy B!!)

The love of the old-time art of hand stitched quilts and the past is aided by the new technology of our cyber-world. A splash of old and a splash of new; it’s a perfect mix for a happy life.


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