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Quilt Guilds and Dust Storms and 8 cent bread …. oh my!

1934 was a busy year for Nellie Morris. Keeping three children fed and clothed, while trying not to lose the family farm in Athelstan, Iowa, kept her and her husband busy from sun up to sun down. As most families in small rural towns in these post depression years, they got by. Survival was mantra …

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Madelyn Weese: Stitching to the beat of a different drummer

Stitching to the beat of a different drummer; creativity surfaced in small rural Athelstan in 1934, as much as any creative stitcher would show today. It wasn’t unusual that creator of Madelyn Weese’s quilt square used the male form to represent a female. Of the set of 30 squares, 14 were in the male Overall …

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