Monthly Archives: February, 2013

Remembering you, Betty Balch

Betty Balch was a young girl, 11 years old, when she stitched quilt squares for her and her brother to contribute to Doris’ Christmas gift. Betty Muriel Balch was born near Savannah, Missouri on September 6, 1923. Sometime between the 1925 census and the quilt squares made in 1934, the family had moved to Athelstan, …

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What? No Rudolph?

What? No Rudolph? My brother, sister and I grew up singing ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’ in the usual array of Christmas songs every year. I thought Rudolph was part of every child’s Christmas experience. Not so. Was I surprised earlier this week when I discovered that Rudolph wasn’t ‘born’ until 1939! The young girls that …

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Yard Sale Treasures

  Little did I know how stopping at a yard sale would alter my life several years later. A discovery of a set of 30 applique quilt squares, created in 1934, is leading me on a voyage most fascinating. Next year the squares will be 80 years old. There are still mysteries to uncover from …

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